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This is the latest Artist Feedback by our Molotow HQ

“My name is en4ki and I’m a French artist who loves a fast workflow.

In order to skip long breaks between the different application steps and to gain more productivity, I was looking for a fast-drying high-quality paint. As I discovered MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL markers, I realized that this paint system perfectly answered my expectations.

The markers provide for the right paint flow and the paint is highly-opaque, which makes it possible to apply several coatings of paint one above the other. Even the yellow has a good opacity! The markers work on almost all surfaces which need no pre-treatment – weather it is paper or wood.

For my artworks (especially for the faces), I need markers that enable a very detailed and filigree work, as well as an application on large surfaces. Thanks to the exchangeable tips and the different marker sizes, this is a piece of cake!

In combination with the MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM, which has 251 overwhelming colors, shadings can be easily implemented. Moreover, the colors are very intense – even after a long time, which enlivens my artworks.

The markers enrich my work and for this reason, I exclusively use ONE4ALL™ markers. Nothing is comparable to them, absolutely nothing!”

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