Clap Meataxe Design | Artist Feedback

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Clap Meataxe Design – an artist and body builder who specializes in body builder painting and has excellent patience to create massive mural for lots of body building centers.

Here the exclusive Artist Feedback by Molotow™ and a few photos of his most impressive artworks.

“I am ‘Clap’ from Melbourne Australia. For starters, I used exclusively only MOLOTOW™ products, it’s the best quality paint, and the only paint I will trust and rely on to do the work I need. A massive shout out to Giant Products for all the paint supplies.

I’ve been painting since the early 90’s, of course playing around with all the old school paint we had back then, some ok, some not ok at all. I took a break for about 7 years focusing on my sporting achievements. Then around 2008, I had some spare time and decided to try to paint again. I was amazed at all this new wonderful paint on the market. But one brand stood out, stood out amoungst all others. It was MOLOTOW™. Once I’d started I couldn’t stop, wanted to paint more and more and more. I was addicted once again. I couldn’t stop thinking about how far ideas and designs could be taken given all these new technologies with paint that has now existed. And to this day, I haven’t looked back. MOLOTOW™ products are my tools of choice, they are my family, my friend, my art helper that’s there with me the entire way, from sketch to completion.”

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