• We have been waiting for a while and last Friday the wicked clip was launched; Melbourne female artist Vanderlism painting at the Bennett’s Lane Jazz Club in Melbourne!

    • EN4Ki
    May 14

    This is the latest Artist Feedback by our Molotow HQ

    “My name is en4ki and I’m a French artist who loves a fast workflow.

    In order to skip long breaks between the different application steps and to gain more productivity, I was looking for a fast-drying high-quality paint. As I discovered MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL markers, I realized that this paint system perfectly answered my expectations.

    The markers provide for the right paint flow and the paint is highly-opaque, which makes it possible to apply several coatings of paint one above the other. Even the yellow has a good opacity! The markers work on almost all surfaces which need no pre-treatment – weather it is paper or wood.

    For my artworks (especially for the faces), I need markers that enable a very detailed and filigree work, as well as an application on large surfaces. Thanks to the exchangeable tips and the different marker sizes, this is a piece of cake!

    In combination with the MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM, which has 251 overwhelming colors, shadings can be easily implemented. Moreover, the colors are very intense – even after a long time, which enlivens my artworks.

    The markers enrich my work and for this reason, I exclusively use ONE4ALL™ markers. Nothing is comparable to them, absolutely nothing!”

    See my artworks on Molotow and

  • Here it is – Fieldey’s second Episode of the wicked three-part series ‘How to paint a Surfboard’. Fieldey herself about this tute: “I reckon it’s one of the best ones I’ve done!”

    Also check out her first tutorial here.

    About Fieldey:
    Fieldey is an Australian urban surf artist who custom paints surfboards, skateboards and walls with a cheeky retro old-school tattoo flavour. She’s well known for her instantly recognisable style and has a popular YouTube channel – Fieldey TV – that features the best surf art tutorials on the internet.
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    Apr 14

    Who said there’s nothing happening in the Canberra Streetart Scene?

    The creative scene in our capital territory seems to be growing more and more… For that reason Molotow Australia is happy to dedicate a special shout to one of the most active local artists in town at the moment – Houl!

    Wielding a marker like a sword, Houl has carved a name for himself with his clean, crisp lines, intricate details and bizarre characters.

    Since they are available in town again (check out the local distributor Sancho’s Dirty Laundry) – Houl loves working with Molotow artist tools. He uses One4All markers for his pieces on old street signs, shredded skate decks and wicked hand shapes on canvases – and of course he doesn’t miss packing some Molotow Premiums when he is getting started on his well-known half shaded, half outlined aerosol characters on walls all across Canberra and Sydney.

    In addition to participating in a growing number of group exhibitions, creating artwork for Absolut Vodka, Grill’d Burgers and Groovin’ The Moo, and being the first ever winner of Secret Wars Australia in 2010, last year Houl had his artwork projected onto the National Library of Australia, The National Portrait Gallery, Questacon and The Museum of Australian Democracy as part of the 2013 Enlighten Festival. With a burgeoning public interest in live art, Houl has found himself in his element once again, painting for audiences of all sizes, bringing his own style of art to a wider audience.

    Check out more of Houl’s artworks here.


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    Apr 14

    Only one weekend ago Authority Clothing arranged the Bennett’s Lane Collaboration. Melbourne artist Emily Vanderlism painted  with Molotow Premiums and the new Blue Flame paint by Molotow at the Bennett’s Lane Jazz club. Here the first flicks and an exclusive artist feedback about why Emily likes Molotow and really enjoyed working with the new Blue Flame paint.

    ‘I’m VANDERLISM, street artist and illustrator born and raised in Melbourne.

    Best known for my ‘girl’ illustrations that are somewhat beautiful and innocent with a streak of darkness and intrigue. As a creative it’s important to keep evolving and now I’m bringing my girls to the street at a larger than life scale. Although I’ve worked with other paint before, when I discovered Molotow Beltons I fell in love! I especially loved the transparency range and the low pressure was perfect for detailed work with blending and building up tone.

    Here I painted one of my girls for Authority Clothing in Bennett’s Lane opposite the Jazz Club and got to try out the Flame Blue range. I was extremely impressed! It had that low pressure I liked, low odor and the stock caps worked so nicely with them – usually I’d have to get a skinny caps but I didn’t need to.

    Definitely will be using them again!’


  • This is the first episode of a three-part surfboard painting series by Fieldey. In this episode, Dan Duggan will show you how to custom paint your board using spray paint to create an easy retro fish graphic.

    Dan uses Molotow Belton Premium Aerosols, the surfboard was supplied by Star Surf and Skate, with location supplied by The Butcher Shop.

    Filming and editing by Matt Fieldes Photography.

    More Molotow tutorials here.

  • Iz The Wiz – “King of  New York”

    Set in a surreal background of a city in decline, this film is the story of one mans quest for fame amidst the subterranean graffiti culture in NYC. This classic graffiti writing movie is packed with original subway train pictures, interviews from old school writers and friends, plus rare unseen footage of Iz The Wiz himself. Iz The Wiz shows his passion for graffiti writing and what it takes to become the “King of New York”.

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    Mar 14

    In February this year the ‘Rolling Canvas’ exhibition took place at the Molotow & Giant Pop-Up Gallery in Collingwood, Melbourne. The most of the artworks are sold already. Here is a collection of the wicked artworks by some legends of the scene from the 80′s, 90′s.  For all who couldn’t make it to the exhibition and all who want to review the trains!

  • A few weeks ago Sancho’s Dirty Laundry organised a paint sesh with an artist Co-Lab at the LaDeLa Canberra. This time Bugs AKA DefCaps.

    Here the video with all artists involved.

  • Just recently we introduced the artist Clap Meataxe Design and his impressive giant murals on

    Check out here his latest production video. 2 weeks of work at the Aventus Gym, Warrawong. Arnold & The Rock

    • tutes_news
    Mar 14

    Learn how to get the most out of your favourite artist tools!

    Molotow offers a huge range of great high-quality products. With a selection of Molotow™ tutorials Molotow Paint Australia wants to help you to get the most out of your favourite Molotow artist tool. Check out our new section ‘Molotow Tutorials’ where selected artists give insights in their craft and will have professional advice for the advanced use of MOLOTOW™ spray-cans markers & airbrush tools! – by Molotow™


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    Mar 14

    Clap Meataxe Design – an artist and body builder who specializes in body builder painting and has excellent patience to create massive mural for lots of body building centers.

    Here the exclusive Artist Feedback by Molotow™ and a few photos of his most impressive artworks.

    “I am ‘Clap’ from Melbourne Australia. For starters, I used exclusively only MOLOTOW™ products, it’s the best quality paint, and the only paint I will trust and rely on to do the work I need. A massive shout out to Giant Products for all the paint supplies.

    I’ve been painting since the early 90’s, of course playing around with all the old school paint we had back then, some ok, some not ok at all. I took a break for about 7 years focusing on my sporting achievements. Then around 2008, I had some spare time and decided to try to paint again. I was amazed at all this new wonderful paint on the market. But one brand stood out, stood out amoungst all others. It was MOLOTOW™. Once I’d started I couldn’t stop, wanted to paint more and more and more. I was addicted once again. I couldn’t stop thinking about how far ideas and designs could be taken given all these new technologies with paint that has now existed. And to this day, I haven’t looked back. MOLOTOW™ products are my tools of choice, they are my family, my friend, my art helper that’s there with me the entire way, from sketch to completion.”

  • Presented by Sancho’s Dirty Laundry

    On Monday 3rd February 2014 a private painty sesh was organised  by Sancho’s Dirty Laundry and a local artist Colab at La De Da Bar in Belconnen, A.C.T.

    Molotow Paint Australia is proud to be a part of the project showcasing some fresh local produce by artists Benjamin Reeve, VOIR, Roskoe, Houl, George Rose, Bugs, Sprinkles and KON (King of Nothing) cutting sick wherever there was white wall space.

    This is a video of what went down.

    Check out: for some quality stills.

    Thanks to all involved!

    Video by Rush Photography:
    Music chops by Smithgrind:

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    Mar 14

    An exhibition showing a bit of Melbourne graffiti history. After a great opening night and a lot of people visiting the exhibition -Rolling canvas will open again next weekend. For all those who haven’t made it yet – come around and check out over 100 dope canvasses from most of the best.

    Opening hours: Saturday, 08th March & Sunday, 09 March – 12 to 5pm

    There are still lots of pieces for sale – if you are interested in any of the canvasses, get in touch with Giant Products North Melbourne!

  • Milkcrate Culture Adelaide – Pop Up Gallery, Molotow Retailer & Niche Apparel Stockist for urban artists and enthusiasts!

    Check out the latest flicks after a successful opening and a few weeks in operation. Get down there if you can!