Marker Tutorials

Marker Tutorials

One4All marker

In this tutorial the Molotow artist Stéphane Helbert shows how to work with the outstanding MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL product range. -by Molotow™

Empty Dripsticks Series

In this video Stéphane Helbert shows us how to refill and use the Molotow Dripsticks. He works with the EASY-Refill System with tank cap for clean and quick refilling. The tips come in a High-Flow and Metal-Ball version.  We recommend using the alcohol based 250ml DRIPSTICK™ Edition ink from TRANFORMER™ range for refilling. However the ONE4ALL™ acrylic based paint that can be diluted with water also serves as a great DRIPSTICK™ Refill. – by Molotow™

Molotow Premium x One4Alls x Masterpiece

Here is the second workshop video with Stéphane! This time he gives us a round up about how to use selected products of the MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL series, MOLOTOW™ MASTERPIECE range, the MOLOTOW™ DRIPSTICK range and latest  MOLOTOW™ Graphx Softliner. Enjoy! – Molotow™

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